Tax Help From an Experienced Maine Attorney

I have been following the nuances of tax law since becoming a lawyer more than 25 years ago. I can provide representation for your tax needs, including:

If you need tax help, contact me today. My law firm has a well-trained, professional staff that always puts my clients first.

Tax Negotiations

You might have overdue back taxes and the fees and penalties that come with them. I have experience negotiating with the IRS on behalf of people in your situation to help get the best deal possible.

The process is pretty simple:

  • The first step is gathering all the documents, assets, and income information
  • I will examine these documents in light of the tax codes to determine what offer to make to the IRS.
  • Then I will make a proposal to the IRS on your behalf. Usually I can negotiate a favorable payment plan, or a settlement offer that allows you to pay less than what you originally owed.

Get the Tax Help You Need

My representation is backed by more than 25 years of experience and personalized service. I can help you through your tax issues. If you are in need of tax help, contact me today. I serve Auburn, Augusta, Lewiston, Portland and all of Southern and Central Maine.