Choosing A Trustee And Trustee Responsibilities

You may already know what you want to happen if something happens to you, but who is the right person to carry out your wishes when you no longer can? This is often the most difficult decision for anyone preparing an estate plan.

Choosing your trustee should not be taken lightly. Many of my clients walk into my office at Jeffrey P. White and Associates, P.C., thinking they have made a decision, but in the midst of our conversation come to understand the many other crucial factors to consider.

This desire to inform clients serves as the foundation of my practice in the Lewiston-Auburn, Portland and surrounding areas of Maine. I work with people from varying backgrounds, helping them develop an acute understanding of what responsibilities a trustee will have and how those responsibilities should influence choosing a trustee.

Some important factors to consider include:

  • Whom do you trust with your personal health and your finances? You may consider your closest relative or your oldest child to take on this responsibility, but in some cases, these people are not necessarily best-equipped to act in your, your estates' or other beneficiaries' best interests. Consider people who are fiscally responsible and trustworthy with consequential decision-making.
  • Whom do you trust to stand up to pressures from outside sources? Working out the details of an estate and acting according to estate documents is a great responsibility, and one that involves the interests of many parties. You need to choose a trustee who can handle that burden and understands how to approach problem-solving in such situations.

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