Business Succession Planning

If you have developed and managed a successful business, chances are you want to assure its continued success, even when you can no longer manage the enterprise. Planning for business succession is a crucial aspect of any business owner's management strategy.

Consider The Important Questions

If your organization is family-owned, who will take responsibility for it? If ownership leaves your family, how can you be sure your loved ones still enjoy the benefits of what you have built? How can you minimize the adversarial nature of these issues and promote family harmony?

Benefits Of A Family Limited Partnership

Organizing your business around its family-owned status can help limit gift tax liabilities and more easily pass along business ownership from generation to generation. In ordinary business succession plans, various gift taxes may come into play when passing ownership between generations.

Using a family limited partnership can help reduce these obstacles and more effectively compensate family members who are invested in the business and distinguish them from those who are not.

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