Asset Protection

One of the primary purposes of an estate plan is to protect assets. Protection typically involves preserving wealth and assuring that assets are managed appropriately while minimizing the tax burden beneficiaries may face upon receipt of financial or property assets.

My law firm, Jeffrey P. White and Associates, P.C., advises clients throughout Maine on complex asset protection issues related to personal property, long-term health care, tax laws and business succession planning.

I have worked with clients from varying backgrounds for more than 30 years, and have always held the belief that information and education play a vital role in every case. My clients deserve to understand the legal process ahead and how different strategies can be employed to achieve their goals. I take the time to answer their questions and work with them personally to achieve their goals.

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Will The Government Take Control Of My Assets?

The prevailing estate planning misconceptions I hear from clients relate to the role the government plays in probate and estate administration. They either worry that the state will take ownership over their assets without estate planning documents, or they believe their family will automatically carry out inheritance gifting strategies without a problem.

The truth is, if you do not have a solid estate plan, the government plays a crucial role in determining how assets are managed and distributed when you can no longer handle them on your own (whether you are incapacitated or have passed away). Things will not necessarily become property of the government, but things will also not necessarily go as planned.

The only way to truly protect yourself is to make sure your assets are protected through wills and trusts, your personal health and safety is protected through health care directives and powers of attorney, and your loved ones get the care they need through guardianships and special needs trusts.

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