Stopping Wage Garnishments

Any individual struggling to pay his or her bills holds on tightly to the income he or she does have for day-to-day expenses. Nothing is more frightening and frustrating than having that income taken from you before you even see a dime.

Unfortunately, when creditors go unpaid for too long, they often file lawsuits against the debtor, and can obtain judgments that permit them to take your wages or savings directly. There is a way to stop this from happening.

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Creditor Judgments And The Automatic Stay

Filing bankruptcy immediately halts creditor actions against you, even if they have already obtained a judgment in favor of wage garnishments, bank account garnishments, property levies or repossession.

This is called the "automatic stay," and it remains in place until your bankruptcy is complete and your debts are discharged. It does not, however, apply to child support debts, spousal support debts (like alimony) or other domestic support obligations.

In general, however, once you file bankruptcy, all creditor interaction goes through your bankruptcy lawyer, and the stress of garnishments is immediately lifted off of your shoulders.


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