What Forms Do I Need To Fill Out?

Below you will find links to our Bankruptcy Questionnaire. This document contains the questions about most of the information that we will review in order to prepare the documents necessary to file the documents for either a Chapter 7 case or a Chapter 13 case. If you can do so, it would be helpful for both of us for you to fill out these forms and send them to me by fax, so that I can review them before our meeting. You may complete any form online and then print it out, or you may save the form to your local computer first, and then complete and print it out at your leisure. Whatever option you choose, please note that unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer (that is, if you have only Acrobat Reader-see below), you cannot save the changes you have made in the forms. This means that you must print out the completed form before closing it.

If you find that some of the information requested is confusing, do not be concerned. Complete what you can and leave the rest uncompleted. We will go over all the information in detail when we meet.

In order to view, save and print these files you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in your computer. If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader, simply click on the following logo for a free version to download. Please note that if your version of Acrobat Reader is before version 3, although you can complete the form and print it out, the calculations in the form will not work. For this reason (and other improvements), you may wish to upgrade your program. The current version is 6.0.

Files to Fill Out and Print: Bankruptcy Questionnaire

This form contains information about you, such as name, address, telephone, etc. Please complete and send me this form. Use this form to list your income and monthly expenses. If you are employed, be sure to indicate how often you are paid (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), so your income and deductions can be calculated correctly.

Income: List all sources of income, including employment and self-employment earnings, rental income, child support payments and Social Security and retirement income. If you are married please include your spouse's income on this form, even if your spouse is not filing with you.

Expenses: These should be your average monthly household expenses. Be sure to include all expenses. The form includes the categories which are contained in the Asset Information is where you list all of the property you own. If you are married, even if your spouse is not filing with you, please list property that you and your spouse own together.

List of Creditors: You can list all information about your creditors here. If you run out of space, simply print out the form you have completed, close it and then click the link in this paragraph again for a fresh form to work on.

Your Financial History is where you list the history of your finances for varying periods of time. This perhaps is the most difficult document to thoroughly answer, because some of the information requested may be confusing. Again, do not worry if you are not able to complete all answers; we will go over this document in detail together.

If you are unable to access, save or print out the forms, contact me by one of the following methods, and I will send you a copy by fax or regular mail.

After you have completed the above forms, you may fax them to me at 207-689-2112 or mail them to the address on the Home Page. I look forward to assisting you.

Nothing contained herein should be construed to constitute advice for your personal situation. Furthermore, this is intended as a peripheral glance at the various options available, but by no means is this a comprehensive or exhaustive analysis of the bankruptcy laws. Whether or not you should file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or any bankruptcy, will vary depending on your personal situation. This decision should only be undertaken after careful consideration and analysis, and after consultation with a professional.