Maine Bankruptcy And Estate Planning Lawyer

The old saying goes: if you give someone a fish, you've fed them for a day; if you teach someone how to fish, you've fed them for a lifetime. My goal is to help you learn to fish. I help you find long-term solutions to your problems.

In more than 30 years as an attorney, I have helped people from varying backgrounds make rational, informed and advantageous decisions in a wide range of legal practice areas. My law firm, Jeffrey P. White and Associates, P.C., handles a breadth of legal transactions and litigation issues, but a large portion of my clients specifically need counsel in bankruptcy and estate planning issues.

When my clients face personal and financial challenges, the legal process typically feels overwhelming, but it still provides the most efficient and effective solutions available for their hardships. I ease my clients' worries by giving them clear paths to resolution in cases of debt relief, wills and trusts, business law for small commercial enterprises, nonprofit representation and tax law.

Learn more about how Jeffrey P. White and Associates, P.C., can help you. I represent clients in Lewiston-Auburn, Portland and surrounding areas of Maine.

Making A Lasting Difference Through Reliable, Informative Counsel

Planning for the future and protecting yourself from adverse legal situations do not have to be a confusing and overwhelming process. As your attorney, I will work with you directly, providing representation founded on:

  • Tried and true knowledge and experience
  • Accessibility from an approachable lawyer
  • Straightforward and understandable information
  • Valuable results that lift the burden off your shoulders

Many of my clients come to me with financial hardships that have dramatically impacted their lives. I am sensitive to these issues and strive to make the representation they need available when they need it most by offering free initial consultations in bankruptcy and estate planning, and competitive fees in all cases.

Solutions Are A Phone Call Away

Arrange a meeting to discuss your legal needs by contacting my office in Auburn, Maine. I can be reached online or by telephone at 207-536-6224 and serve clients throughout the state.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.